Nokia Lumia Launch

This headline was used in various media, including tuk tuks.

The built-in music app allowed users to download their playlists so they could enjoy their music in places without signal. Like on the underground.

The built-in music app could make suggestions of new artists to listen to, based on the user’s music library. So we created a social media post that could do the same thing. It used the person’s profile information to see what music they liked and then suggested a similar artist.

An in-store virtual reality experience. The City Lens app shows nearby places of interest and plots them on the phone’s screen. As you swivel the periscope-like fixture, the user can see the nearest restaurants pop up on the phone’s display.

I had nothing to do with the window displays. But I helped create everything inside the store.

Free headphones with every new Nokia Lumia 710

My favourite headline of the campaign which I wrote to highlight the speedy internet browser:
www without the zzz


The brief: launch the new Nokia Lumia (codename: Alpha).

My role: created headlines and copy, describing the phone’s main features in digital 6-sheets, posters, print and outdoor. Plus I wrote all the in-store comms, including dozens of leaflets.